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Dear Karen,

Our communication was better than I could ever expect.
Amigo is a lot of horse and at my age was uncomfortable riding him. As it goes, he has been lame for a while which meant I could not ride him anyway. It was mentioned sometimes horses act lamb when they do not want to do what we want them to do. Amigo said he wanted to be ridden English, not Western, which I prefer. He also wanted to jump, which I won’t do, plus I thought, oh yeah, right, he is too silly for that, but of course I was wrong. and he wanted the younger female person, Erin, to ride him English. He is now not limping. Loves the work and is doing wonderful. He is so elegant and they make such a pretty picture together. Erin is looking for a horse and I think the stars will line up for Amigo.

Karen thank you so very much you are a blessing sent from above.
Jennifer Bashore and all the critters 

IMG_3125Snowy wasn’t just a cat, he taught me how to love and he was my daughter’s best friend

He would come when called. He held our hands with his paw. He would hold my daughters head to put her to sleep at night. He walked me to the car for work in the morning and my daughter to the bus stop for school. He would wait for each of us in the same spot to greet us at night. He not only took care of us, he watched over the neighbors and would escort them when coming and going from work. People would come to our house often to “play with Snowy”. He was the glue of our home.

Snow was only 7 years old when he was diagnosed with advanced renal failure. From diagnosis to death we had two weeks with him. The last night of his life I held him but he held me more. I asked when he got to the other side if he would send me something purple to let me know he was okay. He hugged my daughter’s neck the whole way to the vet’s office. He passed at 11:11 which could not have been more painful for us to bear. The grief was overwhelming so I contacted Karen who took our call that same day (thank goodness!). We prepared three pages of questions and got to talk to Snowy again! We heard about his favorite memories and toys. We asked about some of the mysterious things that had been going on since he left. For instance, our front door unlatched and opened very slowly the day we got home from the vet. We wanted to know if that was him. Turns out, it was my grandmother who opened the door and she and Snowy both came in. As soon as Karen started telling us about them being together a purple rainbow IMG_18451appeared next to me. It moved up along my arm and stayed over an hour during our entire phone call without moving. I felt calm and at peace while talking with Karen. We took pictures during the call and it changed to a full rainbow and moved out as soon as the call ended. One of the most magical experiences of my life.

Having Karen answer questions and have him present one last time gave us the help we needed to stop crying uncontrollably and find peace. Until we meet again Snowy!

Kaila & Olivia

 The following are e-mails from Pat Nelson about Minnie, her black and white house cat.

1st email: Minnie and I went to a new vet this morning. I told the vet what Minnie said to you, she did not have a tick borne disease, and didn’t need the medicine the other vet we were using prescribed, wouldn’t take the medicine, and did not have intestinal cancer. Her only problem was her tooth. He didn’t so much as blink. He said he had to get the lab/blood work from the previous animal hospital before he made any kind of diagnosis, but he examined her and didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with her besides the tooth. I know they all had a good time laughing after I left. *smile* Minnie has an appointment next Monday to get that tooth pulled, have a new calcium test, and have an x-ray taken of her abdomen. Getting Minnie feeling better is my main concern. She has become so thin. Pat

2nd email: Just got back from the vet. Minnie had her tooth pulled. I saw the x-ray of her body. The vet said there is no high calcium, no tumors, no cancer. She is a very healthy little girl who just had a bad tooth. I cannot tell you how disturbing it is that Minnie had to go through all this pain with her tooth. I waited until I got in the car to cry for joy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


After we talked with my cat Athena about her foot, neck and lumbar spine problems, I did some serious Internet surfing for an animal chiropractor in Indy. I found one.

You mentioned that it was important that I telegraphed positive energy around this experience of going to the vet. We both told her she was going to get help to feel better. I think she truly understood because – it worked! Athena is usually a holy terror when she goes to the vet. She came out of her carrier and was purring! I was absolutely amazed.

I mentioned to the check in lady that Athena had told my animal communicator about everything hurting her. She told me to make sure I tell Dr. Fleck because he works with energy as well as doing traditional vet care.

Dr Fleck ​belives the the spiritual​ and physical​ component ​s​ are very much inter-twined​ and works with both.​ I told him a bunch of things about the way you helped my babies and he told me some of his stories too.

The vet tech who originally made the appointment wanted to be in the room because she had a feeling it was going to be a very interesting appt – and it was! They don’t usually get clients who are so open and forthcoming about interacting with psychics and mediums.

He found all kinds of things going on with Athena and it correlated with what she told you. He gently worked on her for about 45 minutes and she purred almost the whole time, except for when he did a neck adjustment that she hated.

The end result: when she came home, she walked differently! She had a very pronounced limp before we left and once we were home there was barely a limp. No wonder she didn’t move much – she must
​ have​ really been hurting.

Thanks again for talking with her – it really gave me the information I needed to figure out what path of action to take.

Barb Dunn

“I’ve worked with Karen several times over many years to help me communicate and learn from our dog, McKenna. We had communications till the last weeks of his life. Karen is very professional and respectful. I also found working with Karen is fun, even when the topic is serious. So I mean fun in a joyous, spiritual way, connecting with the unknown mysteries, using her intuition to help us understand the shared lives of us and our animals. I was always surprised to learn what help my animal was giving me.”
Regards, Damian

bates1-thumbI must admit when someone suggested using an animal communicator to talk to our horse, Banks, I was skeptical.  How could someone in Virginia, talk to me in Raleigh while talking to our horse in Winston Salem?  Didn’t seem possible.  The problem we were dealing with was very real — Banks had suddenly gone from being an easy horse to load on the trailer, to a horse that would not under any circumstances set foot on the trailer.  His behavior had become quite dangerous — kicking, rearing.  Our only resort was to tranquilize him.  At the suggestion of some good friends, we placed a call to Karen.  After the perfunctory hello’s, Karen quickly began communicating with Banks to identify the root of the problem.  He emphatically shared that a recent experience with  a flat tire had scared him badly.  Karen assured him that that would not happen again.  About a week later it was time to load him again.  Doubting Thomas that I am, I asked my daughter, Katharine, to give him the shot. She insisted on giving Banks a chance to load with out it.  To my amazement, Banks boarded the trailer without taking a single halting step.  Four years later, he continues to board without a moment’s hesitation.  I became a believer on the spot !!!

It gets better — this spring Banks became mysteriously lame.  After numerous X-rays and ultra sounds, our vet could still not figure out the problem.  The next step was to take him to NCSU Vet School for a diagnosis. We called Karen and asked her to talk to Banks.  Karen said it was the back left leg and that she could see damaged fibers.  Sure enough, the Vet School found a torn tendon with visible fibers.  I’m pleased to report that Banks is now recovering from a successful surgery.  He tells Karen and us that he is going to lick this latest problem and be back in the field again soon.

While chatting with Karen about Banks, she mentioned that animals can reflect what their people are feeling and experiencing.  This comment was very insightful.  Just as Banks was experiencing “lameness” problems, Katharine was experiencing knee problems !!  The day Banks saw the doctors in the vet school, Katharine saw the orthopedist.  The next day, as Banks had surgery, Katharine had a surgical procedure for her knee.!!!  Bank’s vets had the benefit of Karen’s insight.  I wish Katharine’s “people” doctors had had that same insight as  Banks is heeling much more quickly than she !!!

Karen Wrigley is amazing — she can absolutely communicate with Banks.  Because of her gift, she has helped us to help him.  Thanks, Karen , for all you’ve done and are doing for our family !!!

Cindy McEnery–retired IBM

Karen is a gifted Animal Communicator. You immediately know that what she says has the ring of truth. It’s not just about our pets – she gives wonderful insight on how to solve whatever life problems are occurring, while encouraging clients to figure out their own appropriate solutions for their particular needs. She is warm, supportive, wise, personable, with high integrity, and a delight to work with!”

Julia Payne-Funk

img_0620a5-150x143When you spoke with my deceased dog, Bridget, you told me she likes to sit in her favorite chair. You said if I took photos at 9pm every night for a few nights, I would very likely photograph Bridget in orb form. I did so and in fact, photographed an orb at 9 pm in her favorite chair. I snapped photos in succession, and it is uncanny how seconds before there is nothing there, but at 9pm there is an orb.

In reference to a past communication with my dog Raven, many of the things we talked about have already validated that conversation. Raven’s seemed apprehension of her newest dog-walker, Jim. You told her that he was ok, and he wouldn’t do her any harm. You also said he would probably be leaving his position for another job. The next two weeks after our conversation, Raven lost all apprehension about greeting him and behaved excited and happy to see him. It was a complete turn-around change for her. We also revived news today that Jim has left the dog-walking business.  You not only helped her get over her apprehension, you were right on the money about his being short term.

I hope ll is well, and I know I will talk to you again soon,

Lori C.

herbyMom when you started an impromptu communication with Herbie (his deceased Iguana) I was really surprised to get the kind of detailed information, or perhaps best described as advice, you gave me.The guidance you gave me through Herbie was very specific. When Herbie told me I should sell my boat and truck in the fall I didn’t want to sell them for a rock bottom “winter price.” I wanted to get the best price for them which logically speaking would be in the summer. Herbie advised me to keep the boat through out the remainder of the summer. He said he could see me getting more enjoyment and needed stress relief from my boat through the rest of the summer season. Herbie was on the money with his information. I took his advice, and in the late fall when I finally put it for sale, it went for top price, nearly what I paid for it four years ago!

You might say I “cleaned up” with the boat sale, but the topics we discussed regarding my work proved to be even more lucrative. Herbie mentioned at least four specific topics at work to improve productivity and sales. 1) I was told to concentrate on three major drivers in our marketing department, and not so much on less important, however time-consuming issues. 2) I was given specific instructions on techniques to motivate employees to be happier and more productive. 3) Herbie encouraged me to listen to my instincts or “gut-feeling” as he put it when making key decisions. 4) Finally, he also predicted an opportunity that would be made available to me within eight months to one year, but added that this is something that at the time I may or may not choose to accept. It hasn’t been 8 months yet, but his prediction is appearing to be more and more likely.

Not only did I refer to these notes quite frequently and regularly preceding the communication, the following month our productivity and sales had astonishing record-breaking numbers, yielding me bonuses over $10,000 that month alone, not to mention the commissions and incentives paid to my subordinates. I am grateful to you, Mom, as well as Herbie for the information I received that night. I would think that not all communications are likely to have the same type of positive impacts that I encountered, but nonetheless, I would encourage people to give you just a little more consideration to the information they receive in an animal communication.

Again, thank you Mom, and thank you Herbie.

Kirk Little


While sitting at my computer, I was drawn to look out my office window. Amazed, I watched a buzzard on my front porch slowly walked to the front door and proceeded to peck on the door with it’s beak. I could tell one wing was hanging at a strange angle so I called an animal rescuer. She said to corner it with a blanket, put it in a box, and she would come get it. I got a blanket but when it saw me coming it hid under the porch.

The rescuer came and crawled on her belly under the porch, dragged the bird out and put it in a carrier. She will do her best to heal it’s wing and release it back to the wild. She said it was the easiest catch she’d done. That might be because Karen Wrigley happened to call and I asked her to tell the buzzard that when the people came they would help. It must have worked.

Thanks again Karen. Ellen 

I want to let you know how many of the things we talked about have already been validated. I wanted to help my dog Raven who was apprehensive of her newest dog-walker, Jim. You told her that he was ok, and he wouldn’t do her any harm, and also that he would probably be leaving his position for another job. The next 2 weeks after our conversation, Raven lost all apprehension about greeting him and behaved excited and happy to see him. It was a complete turn-around change for her. Also, we got news today that Jim has left the dog-walking business. So you not only helped her get over her apprehension, you were right on the money about his being short term.

I hope all is well, and I know I will talk to you again soon,
Lori Chletsos–