“Karen’s light hearted, yet powerful insights from animals brings levels of knowledge that wows her clients.  She reveals engaging answers and guidance on levels that bring animal communication to a whole new level.  Inspiring!”

Communicating with your special animal is an amazing and rewarding experience for all involved.

My skills utilized as an animal communicator were a gift to me from a young age involving telepathic and psychic mediumship. These abilities make the connections needed for the best session possible.

Animal communicators are many times referred to as a pet physic or animal medium; they are all one of the same.

While in an animal communication session we are lead down new and interesting paths to better understand not only how they feel and view life, but most times connect the dots with their person’s emotions, attitudes, beliefs and lifestyle and how this connection affects the whole.

Trust, openness and willingness to feel and hear is essential, the heart can connect on all levels and together bring clarity or resolve.

Eyes are opened, hearts are filled, and something magical is experienced.

What is your concern? If not listed, call me.

  • Behavioral issues – barking, chewing, clawing, urination, aggressiveness, dominance, training, fear
  • Health related issues – diet, exercise, mental stimulation,emotional/physical cause
  • Changes in lifestyle – travel, jobs, relationships, relocation
  • Addition of a new family member – human or animal, questioning, adapting
  • Pet likes and dislikes – get a clear understanding
  • Why you and your pet have come together – lessons, challenges, wisdom, understanding
  • Past lives – have you been together before, how, when & where
  • Rescued animals -needs, challenges, concerns
  • Feral cats – what they want and need
  • Therapy animals – how do they feel about their work/mission
  • End of life journey support
  • Communicate with deceased animals and people or a simple chat to connect and deepen your relationship

Animal communications by phone are not limited to one individual. Pony clubs, couples, birthdays, parent and children can engage with the use of a speaker phone or skype. I do not limit my animal communications to one animal per session.

You or I do not need to be in the presence of your animal for a communication.

I do not need a picture of your animal for your animal communication, yet I enjoy them. If you choose to send pictures email them to: Karen@KarenWrigley.com

So much to share, so much to learn, so much wisdom in a communication

Call for an appointment 703-599-1048


Animal Communicator/Pet Psychic – one who understands and translates thoughts, feelings and sensations of an animal.

Telepathic – being able to communicate between two or more minds. A sender can project a certain thought to another, which may be interpreted in a number of ways (color, number, words, pictures, symbols, feelings etc) by the receiver. Information can be both sent and received in the blink of an eye across vast distances. Thought is faster than light.

Psychic – someone able to ‘read’ or sense things most of us are unable to pick up. Abilities to ‘see’ visions and describe people and places, or to ‘hear’ information. They hope to help you understand what’s going on and what the likely results will be.

Medium – people through whom the spirits of the deceased are able to contact the living. Mediums may be referred to as channel’ers since they act as a conduit for the spirits of the dead.

Psychic Medium – has qualities of both. They allow the deceased to speak through them, as well as communicate telepathically with others.