Special Moments

My client asked me what her dog, a Chow named Max, enjoyed and did not. A vision came to my mind. She was comfortably sitting on a couch with wine glass in hand and her husband in an easy chair with a short glass. I heard sounds in the back ground, I prefaced it was music. Max was on the floor next to them. My client was delightfully surprised with the details her dog proceed to share. Max had described hubby and her evening ritual after work. She partakes of wine and hubby enjoys a mixed drink. Their time together relaxing, listening to music, sharing their day and doting on Max is a special time they make happen every day. And apparently Max enjoys this time too!

Max then shared he sleeps to the right of the bed on the floor.  He did not like the light on him at night. My client chuckled and promised she would remove the night light from the plugin next to him.

Point made: Take time to relax and enjoy ourselves and others.  If one has irritants or upsets, take action.

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