Purple People Eater

An interesting thing has happened on my way through the past several months.  I have been sharing more deliberate information that speaks not only of thinking out of the box in which we live, but living outside of the box.  Life is taking on a new paradigm.  I have read about this from many sources, the animals speak of it, and most importantly, I feel it in my bones. I am learning to embrace an easier, trusting way of living―living in the present.

I find circumstances that used to bother or upset me, do not. A big one is―there are close people in my life that may be passing over. Now and then I feel a tinge of fear or grief, but then quickly go to what the other side is about and I become happy for them―sometimes, I wish could be there too.  To not fear death, it has been said, is the end of all fears.  Yet I have more to learn.

In the past few days I have had important emails disappear.  I spent many an hour looking for them, not to be found.  I asked for guidance, and from my spiritual ear, I heard: Purple People Eater.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  An inquisitive smile came to my face.  And I thought I was going to write a message from an animal.  I got the Purple People Eater!  I guess in some form this purple beast could be associated with the animal kingdom, or not!

I researched Purple People Eater.  The words come from a song from 1958, a silly whimsical fun song. The short version of what this message meant to me:  lighten up, have fun.  The color purple is associated with the higher realms, let it consume or eat my mucky energy.  All will work out fine in spite of losing my emails.  And it did.

Another version:  Don’t be eaten up by the Purple People Eater, or don’t let obstacles in life eat you up.  The lost emails were consuming me.

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