What Goes Around Should Come Around

C.J. is an 11 year old Labrador Retriever. His person asked him if he knew how much she loves him. C.J. comment, “Well of course I know. But you don’t love yourself. What goes around should come around.”

C.J. “We have a problem.”

C.J.’s Person, “What?”

C.J.  ”Okay…To love yourself. When feeling loved, you got, or have love. Feeling hurt, you got, or have hurt. It’s simple. Now – move on. Trust love. Your experience with what you thought was love lead to hurt. That was not love. That was dependency on another to give you love, to feel love, and to feel you were worth loving. His love was not real love. It caused heart break.”  

“Why do you think I stayed so long with you in spite of all we have gone through? To guide you to self-love.”

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