A Win Win

Recently I had a communication with a witty draft horse named Kate.  Her first comment to her new person, Linda, was:  Ready for some fun?  Kate had little experience of the outside world, which in turn gave her an air of innocence.  She spoke of wanting to freely explore the woods and pastures around her new home.  But Kate was not grasping the human element of putting a bridle and saddle on her to do so.  In Kate’s case, learning teamwork and trusting her new person would bring the adventures she was wanting, and would be safer than running about on her own.

Kate’s background was not all roses.  She had worn a heavy painful halter for several years.  Her face showed wear and indentations from the leather straps.  Now with this painful thing off her head, she did not want anyone with anything near her face.  Linda understood Kate. With love and patience, and implementing techniques to help Kate accept the saddle and bridle, Kate’s urge to explore the property around her would be possible.

The minute Linda set eyes on a big spotted draft horse running across a field to meet her, she knew, this was the horse for her. And now, Kate had a home where she was lovingly cared for, and the love her Kate returned was profoundly appreciated.

Linda has been practicing Zen meditation for many years.  She understood the importance of living a rich life, fully, in each moment―which a horse understands.  Kate’s nature of having fun would support Linda, who admitted she was greatly in need of fun, plus yearned to explore their property as much as Kate did. For Kate and Linda, it was a―win-win.

Did you know embracing joy and having fun brings such goodness into our lives?  It seems to make the boogie man go away and dissolve the unwanted, perhaps controlling past.  I invite you to play and laugh today…and every day.

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