“What message should be given this Christmas?”

Christmas means so many different things to different people, celebrated in a variety of ways within each home or culture.

It is the one day a year that everyone participates in a celebration of some sort representing birth & life, even though some may have lost sight of the true meaning.

Christmas can be a time that brings family and friends together, a time for travel, cooking, baking, shopping, a time of worship, a time of introspection or perhaps a time of giving of oneself.

Christmas can be whatever you want it to be! Yes it can!

Since I am all about gaining insight from the animals, in conversation with Franklin, a Golden Retriever I decided to ask him the question.

Franklin, what message should be given this Christmas?

Here is his response

The Present

“A present during the holidays is a package to unwrap, a gift, temporary, yet enjoyable.

My present to you is to ask that you “live” in each precious moment.

Living in each moment is most fulfilling and brings an awareness and understanding to life itself.

Time is the moment, the eternal gift of life, the “Golden,” continual gift that keeps on giving.”

Ah, don’t you just love the animal’s wisdom.

I found it interesting that he used the word “Present”, the word we most use when referring to “gifts”.

By definition the word present means:

“Being, existing or occurring at this time or now”

By definition the word gift means:

“Something given willingly to someone”

So in this message, the word “Present” actually represents “the gift”.

The gift of being “present” by the true definition.

Being present in each moment means that you are to celebrate your life, enjoying what pleases you, what fulfills you, what makes your heart sing and your soul soar.

The message: “This Christmas, celebrate “life” your life in the golden moment, whatever way you choose.”

This is the time, your time, all yours, this is your moment.

Merry Christmas my friends,



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