Blackie, a mutt from my childhood, unexpectedly appears in my mind’s eye.  He wants my readers to know he is the epitome of what people are seeking:  peace, joy, beauty, fun, and so much more, to a level we will come to know.

Blackie explains, “When choosing the direction that “feels” secure and “good” despite conditioned beliefs from the past, projections for the future, and connections with the present, we align ourselves with an easier, more productive, happier way of living.”

“When one lives in the moment, it feels similar to slow motion because of a heightened awareness of oneself and surroundings.  But when one operates in slow motion, actually more is accomplished than when rushing about because the internal guidance is now clearer providing fruitful direction and information.  This may not make sense at first.  Give it a go and experience it for yourself.  Slow down, breathe, and experience your surroundings.”

Blackie continues, “When the heart speaks, take action.  Above all else follow this.  It is a way to good days.”

Fear is old, judgment is old, and guilt is old, throw these old “ways”….away!

Live in the present and you will receive presence.

And always, ask for help from the many that are here to serve you.  We are ready and poised for your call when you are ready.  Please keep in mind your calls are not just for difficult times, but for good times to become even better.

 No more tug-o-war.  Go now in the direction that calls you.  Spirit’s got your back, as Karen’s friend *Suzette Faith Foster expresses quite often.

Listening to Divine guidance versus listening to advice and direction from humans can be perplexing. The first path is new to many and they may not trust or understand feelings or intuitive information that comes to them.  A simple rule of thumb I use to trust information, whether divine or human, is when it feels good, or I get chills through my body, it is true for me.

I was but a bit of a girl when you were in my life Blackie.  You were loved and  appreciated then as you are now.

*Suzette Faith Foster – Healing Facilitator, Life coach, Speaker, Author of Calling Back Your Power     http://www.choose2thrive.com/

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