There’s No Place Like Home

“You’ve always had the power my dear; you just needed to learn how to use it”

Words from the good witch in “The Wizard of Oz”, one of the world’s best-loved fairy tales and a story packed with powerful symbolism.

The story takes us on a journey with a young girl named Dorothy and her faithful dog, Toto. A journey that takes them to a place unfamiliar and far far from home.  

A journey that will be forever remembered as “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, a place where dreams can come true.

A tale perhaps that represents a spiritual quest of finding ones true self, home.

A tale that particular characters are set in place symbolizing the tools one needs to go the distance.  

  • The Good Witch represents the truth, the guiding light in our soul
  • The Scarecrow represents intellect
  • The Tin man represents emotion
  • The Cowardly Lion represents courage

And of course what would a quest be without the challenges from a Wicked Witch, the horizontal axis of untruths to test your very core.

When we view the story like this, Yes it does appear to be life itself, we are all on a path, we have a brain, we have a heart, we have courage, we get obstacles, and so what is the missing link, what is the catalyst that gets us to Emerald City?

Toto the dog

 “Toto represents the inner, intuitive, instinctual, most animal-like part of us. Throughout the movie, Dorothy has conversations with Toto, or rather her intuitive self.

Toto was never wrong. When he barks at the scarecrow, Dorothy tries to ignore him: “Don’t be silly, Toto. Scarecrows don’t talk.” But scarecrows do talk in Oz. Toto also barks at the little man behind the curtain, alerting Dorothy that the Wizard is a fraud.

In the last scene, Toto chases after a cat, causing Dorothy to chase after him and hence miss her balloon ride home.

This was the moment that leads to Dorothy’s ultimate transformation, to the discovery of her powers, her magic. In that moment she had to believe in herself, trusting her instincts, listening to her inner voice, believing that all the answers she was looking for were within. Her Home.

Interesting, that the name Toto actually means “everything and always” in Chinese.

Everything and Always is within you, your inner voice, the journey is necessary, the rewards everlasting.


Click your heels 3 times and repeat there is no place like home, there is no place like home, there is no place like home.

Know that you already possess whatever your heart desires – be it a brain, a heart, courage, or a trip back home, it’s “right in your own backyard.” You just have to open your eyes, listen to yourself and realize you are the it. “You are the wizard.”

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