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One Legged Cricket

While working in my kitchen, my eye caught a glimpse of something, something moving.

There on the floor just inches away from me was a cricket, not just any cricket this one was jumping straight up and down like a “jack in the box” head popping up from its box.

While I am aware that crickets do jump or hop, they do not usually do it standing in one place, they usually move in a direction.

I sensed something was off; I bent down slowly to observe the little guy, trying not to frighten him

and I as I looked him over, it was apparent that one of his rear legs was missing.

He seemed just fine, so full of life and energy it brought a smile to my face just embracing his essence for life.

I went back to my business and little Mr. Cricket just hung out with me. Read the rest of this entry

Herding Flies

I looked toward the window, there were thick black spots covering the glass.

It appeared be a sheet of flies grasping to the warm window.

In that moment I recalled a time when a friend of mine was annoyed by the buzzing of flies in her “space”, reached for a fly swatter and began the process of elimination, at the same time stating the words “ Go to Jesus”. While it was a bit of an entertaining ritual to observe, it was not my path of choice. Life is Life in any form.

I walked to the window with the intention of a peaceful negotiation “flies be gone”. I held strong with my intent. I visualized them taking their herd and moving on down the road, out the door and back into the great outdoors.

And so it was! It happened exactly the way I envisioned it. In that moment my husband said “I have never seen anyone herd flies before”. We laughed and yet embraced the moment of empowerment with the correct intention.

Hannah’s Therapy Work

Hannah is a Husky German Shepherd mix therapy dog. Her person Kate expressed, “Hannah looks into my eyes and I know she is trying to tell me something.  I feel as if I am disconnected from my pets.” Hannah replied, “The reason you do not connect with me is because you are disconnected with yourself. Spend time with you; discover yourself more deeply, you have forgotten who you are. You are safe to do so.  This is therapy work.”

I suggested Kate make a list of Hannah’s qualities. This would give her insights about herself. We may not recognize our special, wonderful qualities. And there are traits we may choose to change!  I find this process fascinating while working with my clients.

Pet Parent Therapy

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One-Month-Old Kitten

My husband John and I were staying in a hotel on our way to Indiana for a family reunion to celebrate my mother’s 85th birthday. The next morning a voice message on my cell phone said, “This is Stacy, I am up, you can reach me.” I had not sent a text or voice message that night or the day before, and had no idea who Stacy was.

After calling Stacy I discovered I knew her. Good memories of spending time at her home and at my son’s home came flooding back. She explained she had received a text from me the night before which came from my 540 phone number saying, ”Are you up?” My 540 number is my land line which I cannot text from, plus I was not at home to text if it were possible. Since her text was not accepted she retrieved my 703 cell number from my home line voice message. When she called my cell with no answer, she left her voice message, “I am up, you can reach me.”

My first thought was, “What is going on in your life Stacy?” She returned, “Well, since I have you, I just rescued a one-month-old kitten where I work with health issues. My friends think I should put the kitten down.”  We addressed the physical issues with the kitten. She had a chance of survival, but the quality of life for this kitten was questionable. I also asked if Stacey would be able to manage the care of a baby kitten, with feedings, and dealing with extreme health issues. Stacy had other challenging relationships she was dealing with and a full time job. A thought popped into my head – ask Stacy if she would like to address what this kitten was reflecting in her own life.  A big “Yes” returned.

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Funnies From Our Furry Friends

Park Time!

A dog who is normally playing in a park across the street from his home was now looking out the window focused on this park. We were in a communication, and park time had been delayed. His person told him after one hour, when his communication finished, she would take him to the park. I was not aware that our communication was at his park time, or of the spoken one hour delay.  We were having a good communication, then suddenly he announced, “We are done!” I looked at my timer – it was exactly 60 minutes!

A Tail of a Story!

After receiving a basic description about a cat I was to communicate with, The cat said to me, “Ask about my tail.”  The person I was speaking with paused and said, “Oh, I am sitting on it!

“I am trying to make a point here!”

A Golden Retriever named Brady began our communication stating, “We have been waiting for you!”  (The you – was me.)

He shares, “My person gets nervous, I feed off her nervousness and she feeds off mine. She gets “high” nervousness from her work which is not as important as she thinks.”  She agreed. Her nerves had taken over her life, especially at work.

Brady explained, “Stress is a way people have learned to use to cope. A high alert. Do the opposite – be still, calm, observe, then act when needed.”

Brady blurts, “I am trying to make a point here!”

In some communications I become aware of time frames in a person’s life that are significant to a message. In this case, the first time frame brought to my attention was that when Brady’s person was 4 years old when her great grandmother died. This is where her learned stress began; it was her earliest memory. At 21 years old she was in a difficult relationship and again at 34 years old when a good friend suddenly died in her presence. All stressful. Stress had become the norm as she lived and thought of the past, future, and present for big and small reasons.

The communication continued giving ways to help shift this stressful reflex and habit for both two and four footed. A few were: exercise, use essences like Rescue Remedy or other types that naturally calm the nerves. Live in the moment and always ask for support from the Universe, God, angles, what you believe in. Brady emphasized to enjoy life and to be true to whom?   YOU!

Let’s Play A Game

A Newfoundland named Hamilton expresses his views with his person:

“You use me as an excuse not to do the things you would like to do. Because of this you have now forgotten what you like. Let’s play a game. What would my life be like if you liked your life more? You want me to be happy. I want you to be happy and I will be happy. You want love in your life? To love yourself brings love to your life. You lit a candle for me when I died. Blow it out and light a candle for you. I will love you forever, and ever, and ever, even if you find another love, and you will.”

Hamilton then expressed. “Teaching. Not about imposing beliefs on others. Share, and support them to discover their own.”  

Much was said in the few sentences Hamilton shared. I suggest rereading his words and take them to heart.

What Goes Around Should Come Around

C.J. is an 11 year old Labrador Retriever. His person asked him if he knew how much she loves him. C.J. comment, “Well of course I know. But you don’t love yourself. What goes around should come around.”

C.J. “We have a problem.”

C.J.’s Person, “What?”

C.J.  ”Okay…To love yourself. When feeling loved, you got, or have love. Feeling hurt, you got, or have hurt. It’s simple. Now – move on. Trust love. Your experience with what you thought was love lead to hurt. That was not love. That was dependency on another to give you love, to feel love, and to feel you were worth loving. His love was not real love. It caused heart break.”  

“Why do you think I stayed so long with you in spite of all we have gone through? To guide you to self-love.”


Blackie, a mutt from my childhood, unexpectedly appears in my mind’s eye.  He wants my readers to know he is the epitome of what people are seeking:  peace, joy, beauty, fun, and so much more, to a level we will come to know.

Blackie explains, “When choosing the direction that “feels” secure and “good” despite conditioned beliefs from the past, projections for the future, and connections with the present, we align ourselves with an easier, more productive, happier way of living.”

“When one lives in the moment, it feels similar to slow motion because of a heightened awareness of oneself and surroundings.  But when one operates in slow motion, actually more is accomplished than when rushing about because the internal guidance is now clearer providing fruitful direction and information.  This may not make sense at first.  Give it a go and experience it for yourself.  Slow down, breathe, and experience your surroundings.”

Blackie continues, “When the heart speaks, take action.  Above all else follow this.  It is a way to good days.”

Fear is old, judgment is old, and guilt is old, throw these old “ways”….away!

Live in the present and you will receive presence.

And always, ask for help from the many that are here to serve you.  We are ready and poised for your call when you are ready.  Please keep in mind your calls are not just for difficult times, but for good times to become even better.

 No more tug-o-war.  Go now in the direction that calls you.  Spirit’s got your back, as Karen’s friend *Suzette Faith Foster expresses quite often.

Listening to Divine guidance versus listening to advice and direction from humans can be perplexing. The first path is new to many and they may not trust or understand feelings or intuitive information that comes to them.  A simple rule of thumb I use to trust information, whether divine or human, is when it feels good, or I get chills through my body, it is true for me.

I was but a bit of a girl when you were in my life Blackie.  You were loved and  appreciated then as you are now.

*Suzette Faith Foster – Healing Facilitator, Life coach, Speaker, Author of Calling Back Your Power

Mixed Messages

Jessy, a confused mixed terrier breed was getting into trouble. As a happy puppy Jessy dragged objects from 15 year old Jenny’s bedroom. At first Jenny found Jessy’s antics funny as Jessy pranced around playing and showing off his find. Months latter this seemingly innocent play turned into damaged articles. Jenny had been trying to change Jessy’s behavior without results.

Jessy showed me Jenny was giving confusing cues. From Jessy’s view, his antics were encouraged with fun gestures and then yelled at as they played tug-o-war. Jessy’s experience was: play, get mad, play, get mad which confused him. “People,” Jessy said. “I don’t understand them.” After talking with Jenny she admitted she would giggle at his behavior and pull at articles from his mouth as she attempt to enforce the change she needed. I had a nice chat with Jessy showing him what was expected of him and a nice chat with Jenny on being responsible with her behavior with Jessy.

To help the situation even more. When Jessy was explaining his confusion, he showed me many interesting things all over Jenny’s room. I suggested she pick her things up from the floor so not to tempt a young dog. Jenny’s mom was pleased with this advice! Not only did Jessy change his behavior, but Jenny’s room is cleaner and becoming more responsible on many levels. Moral of the communication is: Be clear you are not giving your animal mixed messages.

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