Herding Flies

I looked toward the window, there were thick black spots covering the glass.

It appeared be a sheet of flies grasping to the warm window.

In that moment I recalled a time when a friend of mine was annoyed by the buzzing of flies in her “space”, reached for a fly swatter and began the process of elimination, at the same time stating the words “ Go to Jesus”. While it was a bit of an entertaining ritual to observe, it was not my path of choice. Life is Life in any form.

I walked to the window with the intention of a peaceful negotiation “flies be gone”. I held strong with my intent. I visualized them taking their herd and moving on down the road, out the door and back into the great outdoors.

And so it was! It happened exactly the way I envisioned it. In that moment my husband said “I have never seen anyone herd flies before”. We laughed and yet embraced the moment of empowerment with the correct intention.