Prove It

I had the privilege of giving a communication to one of the first female truck drivers.  She sounded tough but was mush. Katie, her Rottweiler mix had recently passed.  Our communication was her first, and she wanted proof that I was tuned in to her truck cabby companion.  I felt I had done so but she wanted more.  They had a nightly ritual before bed, and she wanted Katie to tell me what it was.

I entertained her request. Katie first explained she would hear water running, at least that was the best I could discern. I could not see what was taking place and evidently she could not either. Shortly after this sound she showed me the two of them face-to-face followed with a big kiss planted on her.  The reaction I got was of silence.  I waited.  She then spoke with a peaceful voice, “The water you heard was me peeing in a jar before I go to bed in my truck.  I then grab Katie’s big cheeks in my hands, look into her eyes, and give her a kiss on her forehead.”

It was apparent peeing was part of the ritual through Katie’s eyes!

Animals say the darndest things.

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