Froggy is a cute name for a dog, yet not so cute when near men, or when experiencing thunderstorms.  As I began to communicate with Froggy, in my mind’s eye I saw a dog’s muzzle with wiry hair.  This did not fit Froggy’s description.  I explained to Molly, Froggy’s person, unexpected living or deceased animals occasionally come through to help.  I asked Molly if she could relate to an animal with a coarse wiry look on his muzzle, she could not.  We were both puzzled.  I then heard the word porcupine!  You have to admit it would be an odd word to hear at this moment.  I hoped this word would give us a clue, but Molly seemed even more baffled.  I focused back to the dog and clearly heard, porcupine, porcupine, porcupine.  At this point we did not know if we should laugh or beat our heads against a wall.  I then realized Molly was traveling through her memory banks for an answer.  I waited in silence.  With great relief, she remembered that earlier in the day she had received an email about a dog rescued―with porcupine quills in her muzzle. Thus, Porcupine became her name for the communication.

One would have had to personally experience the communication to fully appreciate Porcupine’s wit and wisdom with her comical interjections at pivotal moments.  What I can offer you is a list of Porcupine’s comments Molly and I compiled, which are to the point, pun intended.

Porcupine’s comments:

Your mind, in one thought, is more powerful than a usual thousand words.

Don’t play into those human ways.  Be YOU and show them.

Time to put your Big Girl Pants on.

Recognize your greatness and be cocky about it.

Act like the man of the house.  Get accustomed to being in charge.  Put your crown on and RULE!

Be, Love, Fun

It is time for ease and honesty with oneself

What you want―think it.  Is better than thinking about what we don’t want.

Molly commented several times, that’s going to be work.  Porcupine offered in response: That will be fun to learn.

Porcupine asked me, “Do you think she’s gets it?”   She then said, “The proof will be in Froggy.”

Porcupine’s suggestions hopefully helped Froggy, a fearful dog, as his person Molly.  It may seem some animals come into our lives to create havoc, yet when we understand the bigger view, animals help us―Be Better!

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