Our Animals Give Us Great Feedback  By Suzette Faith Foster

Our animal’s behavior and illnesses remind us that the vibration we walk around with affects them. Their behavior is direct feedback to what is going on in our minds and households. I was at two events recently with Karen Wrigley, an animal communicator. Participants received individual examples of how animals sense our energy field and mirror our fears, emotions and thoughts. Their behavior can teach us to look within, find balance in our lives and release false beliefs. We are attracted to the animals whose personalities are perfect for the lessons our souls want to learn.

The animals that spoke through Karen reminded us to truly love ourselves. They made it clear that we are to have fun and to laugh more and to see the divine Being that we are instead of the limited person we grew up believing we are. They reminded us that we often look outside of ourselves for answers when with quiet time and reflection answers will be revealed from within. Their wisdom can reveal pertinent information regarding our health, relationships, life styles or just ways that our thoughts are communicated to them. One in a family of four cats shared how his two adults have confusing opinions. When they would put the cats out for the night, this cat would hide under the bed not wanting to go out. Karen’s reading revealed that this cat was the husband’s favorite– they had been together before the marriage. He would agree verbally that all the cats should be out at night but emotionally he didn’t want his favorite cat to leave. The cat felt this energy and confusion and would hide under the bed. When the husband understands his role in the cat’s behavior he can adjust his attitude.

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