One Legged Cricket

While working in my kitchen, my eye caught a glimpse of something, something moving.

There on the floor just inches away from me was a cricket, not just any cricket this one was jumping straight up and down like a “jack in the box” head popping up from its box.

While I am aware that crickets do jump or hop, they do not usually do it standing in one place, they usually move in a direction.

I sensed something was off; I bent down slowly to observe the little guy, trying not to frighten him

and I as I looked him over, it was apparent that one of his rear legs was missing.

He seemed just fine, so full of life and energy it brought a smile to my face just embracing his essence for life.

I went back to my business and little Mr. Cricket just hung out with me.

The following day Mr. Cricket paid me a re peat performance, once again just hanging out by me.

And so our bond began, yes with a Cricket.  He continued to visit me over the next several days and I found myself looking forward to his presence.

 A day came when overnight company was to arrive. They would be milling around the kitchen and with their attitude towards bugs, Mr. Cricket would not be safe.

I decided he must be put in a safety zone, I could feel the trust between us, and so I gently reached down, picked him up and moved him to another location on the opposite side of the house. “All good in cricket world”.

 The day after our company left, as I sat in my chair in the kitchen working away, my eye once again caught a motion once again on the floor.

Yes you guessed it, three legged Mr. Cricket was right next to my chair, jumping up and down again with joy. That little guy journeyed from the storage room from over 25 feet away to find me and be by my side.

There are no words to describe how I felt.  Mr. Cricket had a place in my heart.

 The name Jiminy Cricket came to mind, the famous Walt Disney character that played a huge role in Pinocchio’s life.

Jiminy’s role in the film was meant to develop the heart of the story in developing the friendship between he and Pinocchio.

 Jiminy was wise and optimistic, he was Pinocchio’s conscience teaching him right from wrong, protecting him from danger at any cost. He was always by his side embracing life.

Prior to meeting Pinocchio, Jiminy was sort of a realist, not believing in fairy tales and wishes.

Of course, after the adventure with the little wooden boy, Jiminy’s view of the world changed greatly.

If you recall at the end of the film The Blue Fairy rewards Jiminy for recognition of his contributions to helping Pinocchio become a real boy with a solid gold badge declaring him an official conscience.

 And so it would be: I have my own little Jiminy Cricket, a new conscience in my life and he has already made a difference in my day.

 The message:  No matter how big or how small, all living creatures represent “life”. Each one with a special purpose, a special message, a special place in your body, mind or spirit.

If Jiminy Cricket was able to change his view and watch the miracles of “coming to life”, we can all believe that wishes and dreams can come true

Just Believe, listen to your conscious, no matter what form it may come in.

Love you Mr. Jiminy Cricket, thank you for joining me in my life adventure.

Enjoy Life!

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