Mr. Timothy (Boston terrier) gave me the message this month to share.

 “Looking thru rose colored glasses”

 His words:

“There is fun to be had. 

I know there is much concern around my issues of health and social behavior.  I actually have none!  

My body, my mind, reacts to my environment. This is my programming.

My soul is free as a bird. 

My body, my mind is experiencing my environment, which some would say is a challenge.”


My soul is free; it soars like a bird, without limitations and experiences pure joy

My soul comes into life with no physical or mental challenges

Through your eyes, you simply see the effects of the world upon my being.


“My person is growing in understanding as are many.

When choosing to have a different experience, mind set, or belief, ones health and social outlook changes too. 

We are choosing to have a different experience with our surroundings. 

Let go of what you know. Roll in the goodness and love of your super soul

Perhaps seeing the world through what some may call “rose colored glasses… is liberty.”  


Growth happens when one opens up, gets out of their own way, places the past behind and views things from a new perspective, “their own”

Release the old “data”; allow the soul to be your guide, trust

Optimism creates change

Change directs the experience to play out in a beautiful way


What shall you do?   Simply play every day.  Smile a lot.  Hold the head up.  Dance and sing.  All you do is fun and good.

Breathe in and out fully and easily.  Accept all unconditionally. 

Nurture oneself. You’re on the right track. 


What will you choose to do?

Over analyze, over think, dig too deep, question too much


Breathe in life, bring in joy, smile a lot, feel good about who you are

Self love and the right choices will let your soul soar free from all that has influenced what you see.


“When challenges abound… put on your rose colored glasses and the experience changes. 

Freedom to all!!!  “


Hard to top that one

Put on the rose colored glasses right now and see your new life play out

It is your answer to true freedom, the freedom to be yourself.

 Thank you Timothy, amazing!

 Love My Rose Colored Glasses,


 Co Writer Becky Starr​

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