Living Well, Dying Well…

An urgent call came from Kate, her cat Strawberry, a short haired orange tabby, was attacked by a dog. Strawberry’s broken back resulted in being paralyzed and oxygen dependent. When our communication started Strawberry had her own agenda. This cat of loving character was about to give her person some wise advise. She not only loved her person but loved and lived her own life fully. Strawberry profoundly stated she wanted Kate to forgive the dog. She reminded Kate of the many small animals she had attacked and not only wounded but killed. The instincts of animals, the cycle of life, is respected. Strawberry had a loving, caring home for warmth and food as well as enjoyed outside adventures in the wooded land she explored. In the book Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-ning Chu it is written: “Only in living well can one learn how to die.” However, in order to live well, one must conquer the fear of living, which is rooted in the fear of death.” As an animal communicator, I help people understand the animals experience leaving their bodies, why the animals passing is in divine order, purpose of the animal and persons time together, helping people let go of their companion and support closure. Animals bring personal growth to our lives. At times the experiences with our animals may not seem pleasant, yet these experiences should be honored.

Below is an excellent example of living well and dying well.

As I was listening to Noreen share how she experienced the life and passing of her dog, Bailey Sue, I was amazed with her composure and wisdom. I asked if she would share her experience and beliefs on living and dying to give knowledge and comfort to those who read her words. Thank you Noreen.

I was thinking about what you said about how I am with Bailey Sue’s passing.  Although I am sad, I truly feel peaceful. In order for me to have peace whether an animal or person I love passes, I must be clear on a few things. One is that this passage/transition is theirs and to let this manifest in the way it needs to be for them. It is completely their journey and I am just a witness to this. Another is to have done or said what I needed to do so there are no regrets. And in Bailey Sue’s case to tend her in the best way I knew how. For me living this last piece, which included dying, can be done in the same way that you have always lived with that being. For us that included lots of fun, laughter, tears, friends, kisses, and love. Being with someone up to the very last breath can be just as sweet and lovely as being with them in health.


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