Life Goes On

What do we do when a life passes on and we are left behind?

In the moment of loss of a animal family member most of us feel helpless, childlike, a deep sadness shadows our being, tears flow, our heart aches, we go into shock, become almost numb for a time, we feel the void in our daily life’s, there is an emptiness, nothing feels normal, we grieve.
We question ourselves through every single moment of the event. We were not educated how to handle loss. We do not know what to expect or what to do. It just happens!
And in that moment we are expected to step up to the plate.

Time passes, the sadness lightens but the void of that love lingers on and stays in our hearts forever.
In my communications a dog that had just passed said to me:
“Why does my human worry about what to do with my body, I am no longer that body, but do what pleases you.”
The loss of a love is truly all about the one’s that are left behind.

The being, the soul that you loved only housed that body during its stay on this earth, but the body was not what you loved, yes it may have been amazing, but it was the spirit that you loved, the kinship, the friendship, and the bond of one to another. The visible sight and feel of the body is only what you feel you truly miss.
We must do what pleases us, we must grieve in our own manner and what we choose to do with the body is merely a ritual to honor and give thanks to the body that allowed our special being to live in while with us in a physical form. The ritual is for us, it comforts us, it nurtures our soul and it is part of our healing.
But it is in fact only a body that we mourn. Not the spirit.

The soul you shared your life with, that you shared your heart with is still there, alive and well.
Perhaps you can no longer see them but perhaps if you really look you can.
Perhaps you can no longer feel them lying by your side, but perhaps if you try you can.
If you choose, you can still continue sharing the amazing relationship and journey with your animal love.

A client that experienced the sudden loss of her cat was devastated. She wanted her special cat Zeus back in her life and felt lost without him.
Through our work I explained to her that she could continue her relationship with Zeus thru spirit. I guided her to start talking to Zeus as if he was still there no matter what she may have felt. I told her to really let go, relax and allow herself to feel, smell and sense his presence. As months passed she felt her relationship with Zeus again, she said it was growing stronger with each day. She was over the moon.
In a later conversation, I asked her if she could have Zeus come back in a physical body again would she choose that he came back as a cat. She hesitated, but then as if it was a surprise to hear the words from her own mouth, expressed that she so enjoyed her relationship with him in spirit she would not.
This is what pleased her and so it was.

This incredible experience has happened over and over for many of my clients and is a joy to witness, many have expressed that they no longer fear death because of knowing “spirit”. What an amazing gift.

Know that when the time comes, you will feel the loss, you are human.
You will shed the tears as the tears will cleanse your sadness and help you to heal.
You will feel the void, experience the changes and you will honor their physical life with whatever ritual serves your heart.

And then when you are ready, although they are no longer in the body they housed, you can begin to visualize them as an angelic beautiful spirit that is still with you and will be with you forever.

If you want to talk to them, talk, they will receive your words, your thoughts and your feelings.
If you choose, open your heart, your mind, your ears and listen, perhaps you will hear a soft whisper or feel a sensation, notice a familiar smell or just have a gut feeling, something that confirms to you that they are there.

Be patient as for some it can take time, you just have to believe.
Others may never have any of these experiences, perhaps by their own choosing.
But know just one very important thing. No matter how you choose to allow your animal love to pass on into spirit, they are always with you. Know that that “love” is never gone from you, not for one moment in time.
To have and to hold, it is yours for the journey.

“Do what pleases you said the dog.” Do what pleases you and embrace the miracle of love that you were able to experience.

As one of my little spirits said after he had passed
“I am spreading sugar over every one to bring sweetness to their lives.”

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