Larry’s Lessons From Beyond

Misty, a black and gray American short hair cat had passed three years ago.  Larry, her person, knew I communicated with deceased animals and that deceased people make themselves known when in conversation with the animal.

Misty was originally his mother’s cat. When Mom passed dad took care of Misty and after Dad passed it was Larry’s turn. Three people, in two generations, were threaded together by means of a cat. On this day, once again they were a family, and I was invited to the party… how lucky am I!

Larry wanted to hear from Misty and receive advice from his father whom he greatly respected. Larry was looking to make a job change. He was ready to take his talents to another level.

Misty said that I should walk with my head held high and have confidence in myself and my abilities. When I project confidence and optimism it will be reflected back to me. This attitude would support him in finding a new job.

When Larry asked his father for guidance I hesitated to tell Larry what I heard from Herb. It seemed offensive to me. I then realized it was to make a point. Herb answered with a firm tone: Don’t you remember anything I taught you? You know what to do. Larry was silent for a moment. He replied with a lower voice than usual and a bit goaded, “Do what feels good. Dad, you always told me to do what feels good.”

After our session Larry asked if I receive more information from his father to please call him. His father came to me the next morning. Herb wanted to emphasize to Larry that that it is okay to be successful and happy and to practice feeling how it would feel. Larry had been the caretaker of Mom, Dad and Misty. It was now Larry’s turn to nurture himself and follow his dreams. At the last moment Herb expounds, “Oh, and exercise!” I got a chuckle from Larry when I shared Herbs last statement.

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