Head or Heart

Zeus is the Father of Gods. In Greek mythology he was the God of sky and thunder and the King of the Gods who oversaw the universe. In Hesiod’s Theology, Zeus assigns the various Gods their roles.

A tabby cat now in the heavenly realms carries the qualities of the God Zeus. And how apropos, his name is Zeus.

A planned communication was set with Barb, Zeus’s person, with the intent of speaking with the cats living in her home. Before I could speak with Barb’s other cats, the Great Zeus popped in and said (in typical Zeus style): “I’m a little dot in the universe, but without me, the other dots wouldn’t be complete. He then explained when one connects the dots we create a picture, similar to the children’s connect the dot book puzzles.  When all of the dots are connected, life changes with a perspective we are all one and powerful together creating a whole.  We are not separate.”

Zeus then presented a conundrum. “If we put our head somewhere else on our body, would we use it in a different way?”  Mystified, followed with an outburst of laughter, we questioned his message.  So Zeus reworded the question and said, ”Pretend your head is on your side; where will you focus first now?”  Barb humorously stated:  I hope I don’t bump my head into anything.  Barb was completely stumped; she had no idea whatsoever how to answer that one!  I added that he wanted us to go first to the heart and feel, not think our way through life.  Typically, when we look at people we look at their head first, which was Zeus’s way of saying we think or analyze first.  Physically with the head gone, our heart is next in line. Look first at others with the feeling of love, and use one’s feelings of goodness for resolutions.

Zeus then stated, “Barb has enough to reflect on for now.”

Barb ended the session with, “And that’s the question for the day!!  The Great Oz has spoken.”

I found Zeus’s idea of putting the head physically someplace else on the body, brilliant. But then he is a God!  He made a strong and very important point…Start with the heart.  The color of the heart chakra is green.  Green means go, go with the heart.  When bombarded with advice, peer pressure and more, many do what they have been conditioned to do, what they are told to do, or should do.  I should do this or I should do that!  This is when one of those icky feelings comes through which is not aligned with your authentic self.  To go through the heart for direction, doing what brings joy; life takes on a new paradigm.  Side effects are: we feel good, have more energy, our wants of life seem to magically align and when in depression we bounce out of it.  Life is easier when we trust our higher guidance and it is always there for us.  And this is done how?  Through what feels good!

David Brown who channels Kryon shared these words:  Your heart is the new mind of the new age.  For more information go to: http://spiritlibrary.com/kryon-south-africa/the-great-human-awakening

In Sacred Space newsletter, Toni Elizabeth Sac’h Petrinovich shared in one of her videos that your heart is the voice of your soul.  When one listens to the heart it says do this with out reason.  For more

Zeus…you are indeed a god.  In Hesiod’s Theology, Zeus assigns the various Gods their roles.  Let’s rise to the occasion!  The role is to be happy, to be true to whom? You fill in the blank_____________.

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