Happy is Happy and Sad is Sad

Happy is happy and sad is sad.  One cannot fool an animal which one you are.  I have heard many say, I’m fine, okay, I am making my way.  This is not truly happy. Happy is a state of the mind. And it is possible to be happy in spite of what one is experiencing or sees.

A terrier named Scout said, “Keep doing it (being happy) — you will get it and it will be close to the way of life I like to live innately. We mirror you because you are the ones we look up to, and it is our job to show you who you truly are being. We are also the ones who are trying to show you it is important to be happy. It is simple:  To be happy is active, not passive. Also, happiness is not always what “you” thought happy would be for you….following innate happiness can lead one to something better than you thought it could be.”

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