Hannah’s Therapy Work

Hannah is a Husky German Shepherd mix therapy dog. Her person Kate expressed, “Hannah looks into my eyes and I know she is trying to tell me something.  I feel as if I am disconnected from my pets.” Hannah replied, “The reason you do not connect with me is because you are disconnected with yourself. Spend time with you; discover yourself more deeply, you have forgotten who you are. You are safe to do so.  This is therapy work.”

I suggested Kate make a list of Hannah’s qualities. This would give her insights about herself. We may not recognize our special, wonderful qualities. And there are traits we may choose to change!  I find this process fascinating while working with my clients.

Pet Parent Therapy

January 9, 2014

Pet Parent Therapy

Contributed by Becky Starr


Stay with me, I promise a huge “Ah Ha” moment.

We have all laughed at the photos that are shared of pets that look like their human guardian.

We have all perhaps found ourselves comparing our furry companion’s personality traits to our spouse, a family member or even yourself in a joking manner.

But let me assure you behind the laughter or jokes is a reality. A reality that your pet/s is in fact a complete and perfect reflection of “you”.

Let me show you something.

Right now please write down (5) characteristics to describe your pet/s.










Anything at all that comes to mind.

Once you have completed the list, go back and ask yourself, do any of the characteristics describe you? Or perhaps another member of the family.

I guarantee that the qualities you have written down will seem very familiar to you.

Because they are you!

Now what does this mean to you and what can you do with this information?

It can empower you to change the dynamics or any behavior that needs ” a fix” for you and your pet/s.

A little background is required.

I was at the end of my leash, literally with my newest addition to the family.

A cute little Boston Terrier boy named Timothy.

Starting out our life together

I wanted to do all the right things to ensure a well-disciplined dog.

Discipline equals enjoyable moments, trust, companionship and above all safety.

Training classes of course were a part of the plan, implementing his lessons, being consistent and feeling confident upon completion.

All was good in our world, I thought.

“Surprise” months later this well-disciplined puppy took a turn; pulling me with all his might on every walk, no longer listening to me, he lost all focus whatsoever, developed erratic unexplained fears, became aggressive toward large dogs, Getting the idea?

Uncontrollable, not enjoyable, no trust and certainly no longer giving me any confidence of our safety when taking him out in public.

Unacceptable behavior for all concerned.

The question was what to do, this was beyond bringing in another trainer.

Being exposed to so many options in my profession I turned to an Animal Communicator that intrigued me, that specialized in Pet/Parent therapy ( I like to call it ) Karen Wrigley:

Karen’s work is based on her belief, stated below:

“Animals can be witty, serious, nonchalant, funny, bold, and sometimes what we humans would call rude. To understand these behaviors I look at the people and circumstances that have affected their lives. Animals are a reflection of their surroundings. “

Wow! And the truth shall set you free.

Turns out that all of the traits my Timothy was acting out, he was picking up from me.

Every single characteristic that I used to describe him was in fact a perfect list to describe myself at this point of time in my life.

I had just relocated: I was erratic, feeling new found fears, unfocused etc.

My session with Karen was eye opening, honest, thoughtful, loving, full of laughter and pure.

I left confident with the knowledge and an understanding of what needed to be done and it all started with me.

Karen said

“When one points a finger at someone, they need to turn the finger around and point it at themselves”

It was the best therapy I have ever encountered.

I began utilizing the information that was given to me that same day and in the moment of time that I changed my thoughts, Timothy changed his.

Truly a miracle

If you have any behavioral issues with your pet/s, look first within yourself, change it and you will see it change.

I highly recommend Karen, she is an amazing human and incredible mediator.

Call her today and enjoy the experience.

Thank you so much for changing my life and my dogs.

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