Good Get

Smokey, a frustrated Chihuahua was put on medication.  He kept saying, “no, no, no, no, I won’t take them.”  Because of Smokey’s behavior, his person Carmen had become exceedingly frustrated trying to get this little guy, with a little mouth, to swallow his little pills. Here is the twist to the story:  Both Smokey and Carmen were living with Carmen’s sister Lupi, with whom I was in communication.  Carmen was also on medication and Lupe had become exasperated in trying to get Carmen to take her medications.  Smokey profoundly said, “She now understands how frustrating it is for others, when she does not take her own medication.”  Lupi’s laughter was infectious, who was now on a mission to get Smokey’s message to Carmen.

In the same communication, Lupi’s Bichon Frise, Bonaparte, understood how difficult life had become in the household, not only from naysayers to medication, but Lupi’s husband had recently been laid off from his job.  During our session, I kept hearing Bonaparte explain that he regularly hears in his home, I get scared, I get afraid, I get worried.  Bonaparte gave Lupe advice: The busier we are doing things we like to do, know we can do, the better we, or life gets.  This is a good get!  Explained Bonaparte.

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