It was the dawn of a new morning.

I could hear the sweet melody of a Red Wing Black Bird, ever so relaxed perched upon a cattail stalk. 

As he sang I could feel the vibration of the melody within my being to my very core, the sound was so vibrant, so alive that I could almost envision the symbolic notes themselves moving towards the sky.

I stood quiet, in awe and simply enjoyed this moment in time.

Soon after his melody he took to flight.  With the sun just above I could see the glowing reflection of light on his red wings, and witnessed the subtle movement he made using the wind as his guide.

He was coming toward me, our eyes met and a message was relayed:

“Fly high or fly low, it is your choice, but fly;  as you watch me you see that I flow with the currents; I do not try to go against them.

I am confident on my path, I surrender, it is smooth and taking me exactly where I need to go.

The light of the sun warms my heart which reflects upon all that see me and it is a brighter day because of this.

Each new day is a day to just be.”

The Red winged blackbird is considered a spiritual sign with a message to be taken seriously.

They are guardians, they alert us when change is taking place and to be aware that is time to make decisions.

They guide us to move forward with focus, tenacity, determination and remind us to use our innate power to the fullest potential to connect with Mother Nature and trust.

I have learned that when I let go, when I surrender and just flow it truly takes me exactly where I need to go. Life is smooth & good.

It does not matter if I fly high or fly low!

When I go against the current, the flow, I cannot fly; I am paralyzed and end up no where that I want to be.

Right now is a time for balance and grounding, connect with Mother Nature as there is magic in the air.

Pay attention, listen to the melody within your heart, surrender, let go, trust and

Just fly!

The sun will warm your heart and your light will shine on all of those who see.


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