The Dove Outside My Window

I watch a Dove as she sits on her nest protecting and warming her eggs, snug between the down spout and outside wall of my home.

Snow is falling gently all around, yet Miss Dove and her nest remain untouched by the white flakes, protected by the overhang.

She sits content.

Her mate suddenly joins her; he has come to share in the nurturing of “new life”

Completely content they sit, simply sit, keeping their precious eggs warm, clearly understanding the goal at hand.  They are at peace, holding true, unconcerned about the world around them. There are in the present moment full of unconditional love and the foresight of the future.

As I find myself almost in a hypnotic gaze, just watching them sit, my ears open and become enchanted by their rippling vocalizations, their gentle love-calls and feel a divinely calming presence among us.

Dove symbolism has seemingly inexhaustible sources of flavor and dynamism throughout most histories, cultures and myth. Few symbols have a tradition as long and as rich as the dove.

The Dove is a symbol of Love, Feminine Energies, Care, Devotion, Purity, Peace, Holiness, Hope, Divinity, Sacrifice and a Messenger of Prophecy

It is said that when a dove has flown into your life: It brings with it a message

· The Dove may be reminding you that in order to soar, you must know when to move your wings and when to allow the wind to take you to new heights. If you were to sit on a branch looking to the sky and hoping the wind will simply pick you up, you would never move. You must surrender and allow the wind to support your wings. Get moving… and experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher. No Fear!

· Alternatively the Dove could be letting you know that you need to simply stop and take a few deep breaths. Let go of the turmoil that is currently surrounding you and find peace within. Know that what you see right now is reality shifting in ways you never thought possible and that what you are truly looking for is just around the corner. The most chaos happens just before your dreams come true.

So today, take a deep breath, visualize the white dove, feel it’s message,

It is your  time to just stop, let go, be content, be here in the moment, feel safe, feel loved, find peace, so you can open your wings and get ready to soar higher and higher with the promise of new life.

Today, remember to “coo” just a little


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