You Want ___ .

Dante, a tabby female cat expressed, “Books teach a lot. The heart teaches more. Frustrations come from not being true to yourself.  When your feet are on the ground and you feel you are high on a mountain, you want______.” (Finish the sentence.)

When you state your desires out loud or in writing, you attain energy and give life to creativity, and turn your goals and wishes into reality.

A few statements:

* I would want to fly with the angels and feel as light as air and pain free………aaaaahhhh ..Amen Dante

* When my feet are on the ground and I feel like I’m high on my mountain, I want: To be a loving presence to every being I meet, to the land in every place I go, and in every situation I encounter. Obviously a lifelong work in progress :) but it’s good to have goals, and this is one I hold dear.   Thank you for your newsletters and inspiration.    Many blessings, Julie Payne-Funk * Fly!

* Enlightenment. That is what I want in this lifetime.

* Nothing…..Melissa Sue Olvitt

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