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Blackie, a mutt from my childhood, unexpectedly appears in my mind’s eye.  He wants my readers to know he is the epitome of what people are seeking:  peace, joy, beauty, fun, and so much more, to a level we will come to know.

Blackie explains, “When choosing the direction that “feels” secure and “good” despite conditioned beliefs from the past, projections for the future, and connections with the present, we align ourselves with an easier, more productive, happier way of living.”

“When one lives in the moment, it feels similar to slow motion because of a heightened awareness of oneself and surroundings.  But when one operates in slow motion, actually more is accomplished than when rushing about because the internal guidance is now clearer providing fruitful direction and information.  This may not make sense at first.  Give it a go and experience it for yourself.  Slow down, breathe, and experience your surroundings.”

Blackie continues, “When the heart speaks, take action.  Above all else follow this.  It is a way to good days.”

Fear is old, judgment is old, and guilt is old, throw these old “ways”….away!

Live in the present and you will receive presence.

And always, ask for help from the many that are here to serve you.  We are ready and poised for your call when you are ready.  Please keep in mind your calls are not just for difficult times, but for good times to become even better.

 No more tug-o-war.  Go now in the direction that calls you.  Spirit’s got your back, as Karen’s friend *Suzette Faith Foster expresses quite often.

Listening to Divine guidance versus listening to advice and direction from humans can be perplexing. The first path is new to many and they may not trust or understand feelings or intuitive information that comes to them.  A simple rule of thumb I use to trust information, whether divine or human, is when it feels good, or I get chills through my body, it is true for me.

I was but a bit of a girl when you were in my life Blackie.  You were loved and  appreciated then as you are now.

*Suzette Faith Foster – Healing Facilitator, Life coach, Speaker, Author of Calling Back Your Power


He was 14 years old, sleeping most of the day with no appetite. “Tomorrow is a good day,” Gordon claimed. This dog’s special passing was planned for the next day. “I am ready and so are you―tomorrow is a good day.”

Gordon’s person knew it was time for her friend’s new life. His body was done, her boy was ready to go. Special plans are made for babies to come into this life, and now Gordon’s person was making special loving plans to help Gordon into his next life. Gordon had become a labor of love with care taking, health issues, and dealing with an array of emotions. Gordon knew his person was wearing thin, and he no longer wanted to bear the burden of his old body. Soon they would no longer struggle. These times can be bittersweet.

Even when a person understands their loved one is going to unimaginable love and bliss and beauty, it is still tough to say goodbye. Nurturing oneself at times like this is important, and indeed habits and emotions will linger. Life gets easier once the care-taking has ended and a new view of daily living and possibilities come to light.

When allowing the order of nature to take place, respecting it, and remembering to smile while experiencing the beauty of each moment life gives, one finds that life can be good again. Gordon is not gone, nor is his person. Life goes on for both.

When animal babies are ready to enter this world, many prepare a special place for their birth. I have suggested to my clients whose animal is entering their time to cross over to prepare a special bed and area for their birth back to where they came. This added with other ceremonial activities that are special to you can be helpful at these times.

A Win Win

Recently I had a communication with a witty draft horse named Kate.  Her first comment to her new person, Linda, was:  Ready for some fun?  Kate had little experience of the outside world, which in turn gave her an air of innocence.  She spoke of wanting to freely explore the woods and pastures around her new home.  But Kate was not grasping the human element of putting a bridle and saddle on her to do so.  In Kate’s case, learning teamwork and trusting her new person would bring the adventures she was wanting, and would be safer than running about on her own.

Kate’s background was not all roses.  She had worn a heavy painful halter for several years.  Her face showed wear and indentations from the leather straps.  Now with this painful thing off her head, she did not want anyone with anything near her face.  Linda understood Kate. With love and patience, and implementing techniques to help Kate accept the saddle and bridle, Kate’s urge to explore the property around her would be possible.

The minute Linda set eyes on a big spotted draft horse running across a field to meet her, she knew, this was the horse for her. And now, Kate had a home where she was lovingly cared for, and the love her Kate returned was profoundly appreciated.

Linda has been practicing Zen meditation for many years.  She understood the importance of living a rich life, fully, in each moment―which a horse understands.  Kate’s nature of having fun would support Linda, who admitted she was greatly in need of fun, plus yearned to explore their property as much as Kate did. For Kate and Linda, it was a―win-win.

Did you know embracing joy and having fun brings such goodness into our lives?  It seems to make the boogie man go away and dissolve the unwanted, perhaps controlling past.  I invite you to play and laugh today…and every day.

Tongue Twister

Message from an Arabian horse named Kyro to his person Dee.  It is a bit of a tongue twister and riddle at the same time.

What Dee does not know, she does not do. She does not know Dee. Time for Dee to do what Dee wants to do. Dee, do what makes you happy. Dee, you don’t know how to do it because you, Dee, have been doing for everyone else.   Just do Dee!

Beginning or Ending

Daffodils, forsythia, a bit of a breeze, offer an enjoyable experience while on my walk. Spring is here, new beginnings. Turning a corner, a dog starts barking. I know her, black, with gray on her muzzle. She no longer runs to meet and greet. Her stiff slow legs explain why. I begin to feel sorry for her, then stop myself. She is enjoying this day and so am I. I substitute giving pets on her head with enjoying her presence and welcoming barks from a distance, and I in return send my greetings her way.

Why did I feel sorrow for her? Or was it for me? A friend shows signs of the beginning of the end of her life. I will miss her. I question how different people would experience this time of her life? Is she beginning or ending, to grieve or celebrate, perhaps experience it all, and more?

If she lived in the wild with predators, her body would not exist for long. Does nature now take on a dreadful image? Or, are predators welcomed? Her spirit would then begin another chapter in who she is. Her pain and discomfort would be short lived. Humans tend to fix, save, and hang on to. Why do we do this? You decide for yourself and grow from your discovery.

Mixed Messages

Jessy, a confused mixed terrier breed was getting into trouble. As a happy puppy Jessy dragged objects from 15 year old Jenny’s bedroom. At first Jenny found Jessy’s antics funny as Jessy pranced around playing and showing off his find. Months latter this seemingly innocent play turned into damaged articles. Jenny had been trying to change Jessy’s behavior without results.

Jessy showed me Jenny was giving confusing cues. From Jessy’s view, his antics were encouraged with fun gestures and then yelled at as they played tug-o-war. Jessy’s experience was: play, get mad, play, get mad which confused him. “People,” Jessy said. “I don’t understand them.” After talking with Jenny she admitted she would giggle at his behavior and pull at articles from his mouth as she attempt to enforce the change she needed. I had a nice chat with Jessy showing him what was expected of him and a nice chat with Jenny on being responsible with her behavior with Jessy.

To help the situation even more. When Jessy was explaining his confusion, he showed me many interesting things all over Jenny’s room. I suggested she pick her things up from the floor so not to tempt a young dog. Jenny’s mom was pleased with this advice! Not only did Jessy change his behavior, but Jenny’s room is cleaner and becoming more responsible on many levels. Moral of the communication is: Be clear you are not giving your animal mixed messages.

Head or Heart

Zeus is the Father of Gods. In Greek mythology he was the God of sky and thunder and the King of the Gods who oversaw the universe. In Hesiod’s Theology, Zeus assigns the various Gods their roles.

A tabby cat now in the heavenly realms carries the qualities of the God Zeus. And how apropos, his name is Zeus.

A planned communication was set with Barb, Zeus’s person, with the intent of speaking with the cats living in her home. Before I could speak with Barb’s other cats, the Great Zeus popped in and said (in typical Zeus style): “I’m a little dot in the universe, but without me, the other dots wouldn’t be complete. He then explained when one connects the dots we create a picture, similar to the children’s connect the dot book puzzles.  When all of the dots are connected, life changes with a perspective we are all one and powerful together creating a whole.  We are not separate.”

Zeus then presented a conundrum. “If we put our head somewhere else on our body, would we use it in a different way?”  Mystified, followed with an outburst of laughter, we questioned his message.  So Zeus reworded the question and said, ”Pretend your head is on your side; where will you focus first now?”  Barb humorously stated:  I hope I don’t bump my head into anything.  Barb was completely stumped; she had no idea whatsoever how to answer that one!  I added that he wanted us to go first to the heart and feel, not think our way through life.  Typically, when we look at people we look at their head first, which was Zeus’s way of saying we think or analyze first.  Physically with the head gone, our heart is next in line. Look first at others with the feeling of love, and use one’s feelings of goodness for resolutions.

Zeus then stated, “Barb has enough to reflect on for now.”

Barb ended the session with, “And that’s the question for the day!!  The Great Oz has spoken.”

I found Zeus’s idea of putting the head physically someplace else on the body, brilliant. But then he is a God!  He made a strong and very important point…Start with the heart.  The color of the heart chakra is green.  Green means go, go with the heart.  When bombarded with advice, peer pressure and more, many do what they have been conditioned to do, what they are told to do, or should do.  I should do this or I should do that!  This is when one of those icky feelings comes through which is not aligned with your authentic self.  To go through the heart for direction, doing what brings joy; life takes on a new paradigm.  Side effects are: we feel good, have more energy, our wants of life seem to magically align and when in depression we bounce out of it.  Life is easier when we trust our higher guidance and it is always there for us.  And this is done how?  Through what feels good!

David Brown who channels Kryon shared these words:  Your heart is the new mind of the new age.  For more information go to:

In Sacred Space newsletter, Toni Elizabeth Sac’h Petrinovich shared in one of her videos that your heart is the voice of your soul.  When one listens to the heart it says do this with out reason.  For more

Zeus…you are indeed a god.  In Hesiod’s Theology, Zeus assigns the various Gods their roles.  Let’s rise to the occasion!  The role is to be happy, to be true to whom? You fill in the blank_____________.

Good Get

Smokey, a frustrated Chihuahua was put on medication.  He kept saying, “no, no, no, no, I won’t take them.”  Because of Smokey’s behavior, his person Carmen had become exceedingly frustrated trying to get this little guy, with a little mouth, to swallow his little pills. Here is the twist to the story:  Both Smokey and Carmen were living with Carmen’s sister Lupi, with whom I was in communication.  Carmen was also on medication and Lupe had become exasperated in trying to get Carmen to take her medications.  Smokey profoundly said, “She now understands how frustrating it is for others, when she does not take her own medication.”  Lupi’s laughter was infectious, who was now on a mission to get Smokey’s message to Carmen.

In the same communication, Lupi’s Bichon Frise, Bonaparte, understood how difficult life had become in the household, not only from naysayers to medication, but Lupi’s husband had recently been laid off from his job.  During our session, I kept hearing Bonaparte explain that he regularly hears in his home, I get scared, I get afraid, I get worried.  Bonaparte gave Lupe advice: The busier we are doing things we like to do, know we can do, the better we, or life gets.  This is a good get!  Explained Bonaparte.

Chester Black Cat

He came running across my mother’s yard from the corn field the day after my father’s memorial. The grandkids named him Chester Black after their grandfather, James Chester Page. Originally my father’s name was Chester James, until his grandfather asked his grandson to change his first name to James, after him. Father’s reward was $10. For a young boy, it seems to me, it would take courage to change one’s given first name, yet father did. He bought a new bicycle giving him freedom to travel the country roads.

In life, some things may look certain, yet are they?

The grandkids carried Chester Black around their necks, held him like a baby, and came running when called. He told me he was a good mouser. I responded with a “thumbs up” attitude, and to show proof, would help his cause in staying. The next day a mouse was found by the front porch.

After family left, my mother and I, mostly I, were now attending to Chester Black’s needs. He was de-wormed, given quality cat food, and on a daily basis I worked with him to maintain his gentle nature. My mother thought he was sent to her for a reason. But as the days went by, mother could not endear herself to Chester Black. She was perplexed why not, until a light went on in her head. Throughout her life she had been a caretaker of elderly people and five children. She did not want more responsibility, including the needs of a cat.

With mother’s found understanding, I told Chester Black we were going to plan B, to find him another home. Chester Black Cat stayed calm and collected with this information. In fact, he helped me when I became concerned about his future, and continued to purr.

A few days later, Tracey, a childhood neighbor friend, spoke of her mother Treva, and how she wanted an animal to love and could use a good mouser. I believe Chester Black knew this, for I found a mouse at the back door on the deck where Treva would be sitting later that day.

When Treva sat in her chair I boasted of Chester Black’s catch. At that moment Chester Black came from the shrubs, walked past my mother and me over to Treva, and jumped into her lap. He purred and kneaded with his shiny black paws without using his claws. Treva petted and cooed. Chester jumped down, walked over to my mother, rubbed against her, licked her foot, and gave her a look of goodbye. He then sauntered back to Treva and jumped back into her lap. He turned his head, our eyes met, and in that second he brought me back to when he told me life works out when you let it.

Treva took Chester Black home that day. He now resides down a lane with barns to explore and mice to catch. Treva is madly in love and Chester Black is one happy cat.

Mother had been saying “yes” to others most of her life. All said to her this is the perfect cat for you, and was brought to her at a time and way that seemed magical. And it was, but not in the way we expected. Chester Black gave Mother an opportunity to say “no” to others, and “yes” to herself. This act took courage. Mother has always been a yes person. My spry mother at 83 years old now has her freedom to travel the road she chooses, and Chester Black found his perfect home.

In life, some things may look certain, yet are they?

Chester Black expresses:  Be true to you, with faith, and life will be better than your own expectations. Mouse anyone?

A while back I was in a communication with a lady who took in a young dog needing a home 17½ years ago.  The dog asked his person why she took him in. The short version―others thought she should. It took six years for them to bond and become friends. He told her at that time in her life she believed life was difficult, and so he fulfilled her belief system.

My mother at one time attracted those that were in need or needing tending to, and enjoyed doing so. But now she realizes she is ready for a change. Are you?

In these times paying close attention to animals, nature and our instincts is important on many levels―particularly when it does not seem to make sense.

Our Animals Give Us Great Feedback  By Suzette Faith Foster

Our animal’s behavior and illnesses remind us that the vibration we walk around with affects them. Their behavior is direct feedback to what is going on in our minds and households. I was at two events recently with Karen Wrigley, an animal communicator. Participants received individual examples of how animals sense our energy field and mirror our fears, emotions and thoughts. Their behavior can teach us to look within, find balance in our lives and release false beliefs. We are attracted to the animals whose personalities are perfect for the lessons our souls want to learn.

The animals that spoke through Karen reminded us to truly love ourselves. They made it clear that we are to have fun and to laugh more and to see the divine Being that we are instead of the limited person we grew up believing we are. They reminded us that we often look outside of ourselves for answers when with quiet time and reflection answers will be revealed from within. Their wisdom can reveal pertinent information regarding our health, relationships, life styles or just ways that our thoughts are communicated to them. One in a family of four cats shared how his two adults have confusing opinions. When they would put the cats out for the night, this cat would hide under the bed not wanting to go out. Karen’s reading revealed that this cat was the husband’s favorite– they had been together before the marriage. He would agree verbally that all the cats should be out at night but emotionally he didn’t want his favorite cat to leave. The cat felt this energy and confusion and would hide under the bed. When the husband understands his role in the cat’s behavior he can adjust his attitude.