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There’s No Place Like Home

“You’ve always had the power my dear; you just needed to learn how to use it”

Words from the good witch in “The Wizard of Oz”, one of the world’s best-loved fairy tales and a story packed with powerful symbolism.

The story takes us on a journey with a young girl named Dorothy and her faithful dog, Toto. A journey that takes them to a place unfamiliar and far far from home.  

A journey that will be forever remembered as “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, a place where dreams can come true.

A tale perhaps that represents a spiritual quest of finding ones true self, home.

A tale that particular characters are set in place symbolizing the tools one needs to go the distance.  

  • The Good Witch represents the truth, the guiding light in our soul
  • The Scarecrow represents intellect
  • The Tin man represents emotion
  • The Cowardly Lion represents courage Read the rest of this entry

The Present – from Franklin, a “Golden” retriever

A present during the holidays is a package to unwrap, a gift, temporary, yet enjoyable.

My present to you is to live in each precious moment. Living in the moment brings a feeling of being eternal, as is I and us.

Living in each moment fully brings an understanding to life that brings greater awareness and understanding.

Enjoy each “present” moment ― is “Golden,” a continual gift of Love.

The Dove Outside My Window

I watch a Dove as she sits on her nest protecting and warming her eggs, snug between the down spout and outside wall of my home.

Snow is falling gently all around, yet Miss Dove and her nest remain untouched by the white flakes, protected by the overhang.

She sits content.

Her mate suddenly joins her; he has come to share in the nurturing of “new life”

Completely content they sit, simply sit, keeping their precious eggs warm, clearly understanding the goal at hand.  They are at peace, holding true, unconcerned about the world around them. There are in the present moment full of unconditional love and the foresight of the future.

As I find myself almost in a hypnotic gaze, just watching them sit, my ears open and become enchanted by their rippling vocalizations, their gentle love-calls and feel a divinely calming presence among us.

Dove symbolism has seemingly inexhaustible sources of flavor and dynamism throughout most histories, cultures and myth. Few symbols have a tradition as long and as rich as the dove.

The Dove is a symbol of Love, Feminine Energies, Care, Devotion, Purity, Peace, Holiness, Hope, Divinity, Sacrifice and a Messenger of Prophecy

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One Legged Cricket

While working in my kitchen, my eye caught a glimpse of something, something moving.

There on the floor just inches away from me was a cricket, not just any cricket this one was jumping straight up and down like a “jack in the box” head popping up from its box.

While I am aware that crickets do jump or hop, they do not usually do it standing in one place, they usually move in a direction.

I sensed something was off; I bent down slowly to observe the little guy, trying not to frighten him

and I as I looked him over, it was apparent that one of his rear legs was missing.

He seemed just fine, so full of life and energy it brought a smile to my face just embracing his essence for life.

I went back to my business and little Mr. Cricket just hung out with me. Read the rest of this entry

Herding Flies

I looked toward the window, there were thick black spots covering the glass.

It appeared be a sheet of flies grasping to the warm window.

In that moment I recalled a time when a friend of mine was annoyed by the buzzing of flies in her “space”, reached for a fly swatter and began the process of elimination, at the same time stating the words “ Go to Jesus”. While it was a bit of an entertaining ritual to observe, it was not my path of choice. Life is Life in any form.

I walked to the window with the intention of a peaceful negotiation “flies be gone”. I held strong with my intent. I visualized them taking their herd and moving on down the road, out the door and back into the great outdoors.

And so it was! It happened exactly the way I envisioned it. In that moment my husband said “I have never seen anyone herd flies before”. We laughed and yet embraced the moment of empowerment with the correct intention.


An unhappy client shared her heart was empty. Sally’s constant giving of herself had drained her. She believed if she gave of herself to others they would give back, which would then fill her heart. Louis, Sally’s 6-year-old Yorkie, came to my thoughts full force, expressing, “Don’t give your heart away. It is yours. Let your heart guide you, what feels good and comfortable. When giving from “God Love, Universal love” with no expectations of return from individuals or circumstances, this love fills both hearts. Allow the heart to be its full potential, to glow and feel good to guide and support in ways the logic mind cannot comprehend.”  If the heart says don’t give, it is of utmost important not to give. The Heart knows best. The heart talks through feelings.”

A light went off in Sally’s head. She quickly understood the importance of boundaries and trusting her heart. And, because people ask or want of her, does not mean she has to give, give, give. A belief she bought into from her upbringing.

Louis jumps back in and says, “Stay in the company of – UP.” Sally chuckled. Her tried and true four-legged companion came through for her once again. Her comment, “My friends are downers, I know what I need to do.” Now feeling “UP” she had the courage to say goodbye to what and who were not healthy for her.

Not everyone has quick results as Sally did or is able to sustain them. And that is why the critters and I are available for tweaking and reminders!

The Present

A gift from Franklin, a “Golden” retriever

A present during the holidays is a package to unwrap, a gift, temporary, yet enjoyable. My present to you is to live in each precious moment. Living in the moment brings a feeling of being eternal, as is I and us. Living in each moment fully brings an understanding to life that brings greater awareness and understanding. Enjoy each “present” moment ― is “Golden,” a continual gift of Love.

Symbolism of the Nativity Scene Animals

Over and over the nativity scene came to my mind. I questioned why? I heard, “Bring the animals in the nativity scene to life.”

I have a habit when wanting to understand the symbolism of an animal, I go straight to my book, Animal-Speak. As I picked up my book I felt a pull to the computer. I was drawn to Wikipedia searching “nativity scene.”

I found that “Saint Francis of Assisi (known as the patron saint of animals) is credited with creating the first nativity scene in 1223. It was a living nativity.

I looked further down the page and found “Animals in nativity scenes.” With no basis in the canonical narratives of the birth of Jesus, an ox and ass are usually part of the nativity scene. The tradition may have arised from an extracanonical text, the Pseudo-Matthew gospel of the 8th century:  ”And on the third day after the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, Mary went out of the cave, and, entering a stable, placed the child in a manger, and an ox and an ass adored him.” Then was fulfilled that which was said by the prophet Isaiah, “The ox knows his owner, and the ass his master’s crib. Therefore, the animals, the ox and the ass, with him in their midst incessantly adored him.” Then was fulfilled that which was said by Habakkuk the prophet, saying, “Between two animals you are made manifest.”  In a 1415, Corpus Christi celebration, the Ordo paginarum notes that Jesus was lying between an ox and an ass.” Read the rest of this entry

You Want ___ .

Dante, a tabby female cat expressed, “Books teach a lot. The heart teaches more. Frustrations come from not being true to yourself.  When your feet are on the ground and you feel you are high on a mountain, you want______.” (Finish the sentence.)

When you state your desires out loud or in writing, you attain energy and give life to creativity, and turn your goals and wishes into reality.

A few statements:

* I would want to fly with the angels and feel as light as air and pain free………aaaaahhhh ..Amen Dante

* When my feet are on the ground and I feel like I’m high on my mountain, I want: To be a loving presence to every being I meet, to the land in every place I go, and in every situation I encounter. Obviously a lifelong work in progress :) but it’s good to have goals, and this is one I hold dear.   Thank you for your newsletters and inspiration.    Many blessings, Julie Payne-Funk * Fly!

* Enlightenment. That is what I want in this lifetime.

* Nothing…..Melissa Sue Olvitt

Hannah’s Therapy Work

Hannah is a Husky German Shepherd mix therapy dog. Her person Kate expressed, “Hannah looks into my eyes and I know she is trying to tell me something.  I feel as if I am disconnected from my pets.” Hannah replied, “The reason you do not connect with me is because you are disconnected with yourself. Spend time with you; discover yourself more deeply, you have forgotten who you are. You are safe to do so.  This is therapy work.”

I suggested Kate make a list of Hannah’s qualities. This would give her insights about herself. We may not recognize our special, wonderful qualities. And there are traits we may choose to change!  I find this process fascinating while working with my clients.

Pet Parent Therapy

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One-Month-Old Kitten

My husband John and I were staying in a hotel on our way to Indiana for a family reunion to celebrate my mother’s 85th birthday. The next morning a voice message on my cell phone said, “This is Stacy, I am up, you can reach me.” I had not sent a text or voice message that night or the day before, and had no idea who Stacy was.

After calling Stacy I discovered I knew her. Good memories of spending time at her home and at my son’s home came flooding back. She explained she had received a text from me the night before which came from my 540 phone number saying, ”Are you up?” My 540 number is my land line which I cannot text from, plus I was not at home to text if it were possible. Since her text was not accepted she retrieved my 703 cell number from my home line voice message. When she called my cell with no answer, she left her voice message, “I am up, you can reach me.”

My first thought was, “What is going on in your life Stacy?” She returned, “Well, since I have you, I just rescued a one-month-old kitten where I work with health issues. My friends think I should put the kitten down.”  We addressed the physical issues with the kitten. She had a chance of survival, but the quality of life for this kitten was questionable. I also asked if Stacey would be able to manage the care of a baby kitten, with feedings, and dealing with extreme health issues. Stacy had other challenging relationships she was dealing with and a full time job. A thought popped into my head – ask Stacy if she would like to address what this kitten was reflecting in her own life.  A big “Yes” returned.

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