An unhappy client shared her heart was empty. Sally’s constant giving of herself had drained her. She believed if she gave of herself to others they would give back, which would then fill her heart. Louis, Sally’s 6-year-old Yorkie, came to my thoughts full force, expressing, “Don’t give your heart away. It is yours. Let your heart guide you, what feels good and comfortable. When giving from “God Love, Universal love” with no expectations of return from individuals or circumstances, this love fills both hearts. Allow the heart to be its full potential, to glow and feel good to guide and support in ways the logic mind cannot comprehend.”  If the heart says don’t give, it is of utmost important not to give. The Heart knows best. The heart talks through feelings.”

A light went off in Sally’s head. She quickly understood the importance of boundaries and trusting her heart. And, because people ask or want of her, does not mean she has to give, give, give. A belief she bought into from her upbringing.

Louis jumps back in and says, “Stay in the company of – UP.” Sally chuckled. Her tried and true four-legged companion came through for her once again. Her comment, “My friends are downers, I know what I need to do.” Now feeling “UP” she had the courage to say goodbye to what and who were not healthy for her.

Not everyone has quick results as Sally did or is able to sustain them. And that is why the critters and I are available for tweaking and reminders!

The Present

A gift from Franklin, a “Golden” retriever

A present during the holidays is a package to unwrap, a gift, temporary, yet enjoyable. My present to you is to live in each precious moment. Living in the moment brings a feeling of being eternal, as is I and us. Living in each moment fully brings an understanding to life that brings greater awareness and understanding. Enjoy each “present” moment ― is “Golden,” a continual gift of Love.

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