He was 14 years old, sleeping most of the day with no appetite. “Tomorrow is a good day,” Gordon claimed. This dog’s special passing was planned for the next day. “I am ready and so are you―tomorrow is a good day.”

Gordon’s person knew it was time for her friend’s new life. His body was done, her boy was ready to go. Special plans are made for babies to come into this life, and now Gordon’s person was making special loving plans to help Gordon into his next life. Gordon had become a labor of love with care taking, health issues, and dealing with an array of emotions. Gordon knew his person was wearing thin, and he no longer wanted to bear the burden of his old body. Soon they would no longer struggle. These times can be bittersweet.

Even when a person understands their loved one is going to unimaginable love and bliss and beauty, it is still tough to say goodbye. Nurturing oneself at times like this is important, and indeed habits and emotions will linger. Life gets easier once the care-taking has ended and a new view of daily living and possibilities come to light.

When allowing the order of nature to take place, respecting it, and remembering to smile while experiencing the beauty of each moment life gives, one finds that life can be good again. Gordon is not gone, nor is his person. Life goes on for both.

When animal babies are ready to enter this world, many prepare a special place for their birth. I have suggested to my clients whose animal is entering their time to cross over to prepare a special bed and area for their birth back to where they came. This added with other ceremonial activities that are special to you can be helpful at these times.

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