Beginning or Ending

Daffodils, forsythia, a bit of a breeze, offer an enjoyable experience while on my walk. Spring is here, new beginnings. Turning a corner, a dog starts barking. I know her, black, with gray on her muzzle. She no longer runs to meet and greet. Her stiff slow legs explain why. I begin to feel sorry for her, then stop myself. She is enjoying this day and so am I. I substitute giving pets on her head with enjoying her presence and welcoming barks from a distance, and I in return send my greetings her way.

Why did I feel sorrow for her? Or was it for me? A friend shows signs of the beginning of the end of her life. I will miss her. I question how different people would experience this time of her life? Is she beginning or ending, to grieve or celebrate, perhaps experience it all, and more?

If she lived in the wild with predators, her body would not exist for long. Does nature now take on a dreadful image? Or, are predators welcomed? Her spirit would then begin another chapter in who she is. Her pain and discomfort would be short lived. Humans tend to fix, save, and hang on to. Why do we do this? You decide for yourself and grow from your discovery.

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