The Process

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The Appointment:

Inform me of the total amount of time you want to book for your session or if you prefer an open-ended session. You call me at the appointment time. When clients call me they are better prepared and on time. I provide a designated phone # for your communication when your appointment is set.

  • Prior to the appointment write a list of detailed questions for your animals. As our session begins I will make note of each and every one. Doing so gives me an opportunity to intuit and better understand the bigger picture of your animal’s issues and the animal, person dynamics.
  • Have a pad of paper and pen to write important information on for future reference.
  • Be in a comfortable, relaxed place with little to no interruptions during this scheduled time. Doing so supports the flow of information, provides clarity, plus interaction is heightened between all parties which adds to the quality of the communication.
  • The location of where you and your animals are be it side by side or on the opposite sides of the planet will not interfere with the quality of our communication.  When in the company of your animal, they may behave in subtle to extreme ways to emphasize important information, as we communicate, this is not unusual.
  • When the communication begins I ask for the age, breed and how the animal came into your life.

I encourage asking for insights from your animal about life as they see it.  Doing so fine-tunes the original purpose for a communication, plus added questions may come to mind.  Take note of those. Clients seek help related to their animal’s issues, yet sessions often evolve into valuable information relayed to my clients that I receive via their pets.  As a result, my clients seek out my intervention looking for answers to their own issues.  Considering the connection we have with our pets and their ability to connect with the “divine” they have a fountain of guidance for us.

  • Just breathe, relax and enjoy the experience, each one is beautiful.
  • Once the session is over payment is made.  The service tab provides information for payment.

For more information about Karen’s services, please go to services and event page.

Call #703 599 1048 for an appointment.

For emergencies I will schedule you in as soon as possible.