Animal Messages From 2010

1. Live in the moment

2. When you love, respect, have patience, are confident and trust yourselves, it helps us tremendously.

3. From pack animals―We love to be with you. You need to teach and socialize us so that we can be what you need us to be. If we behave and know what the rules are, you are more likely to take us with you.

4. We are animals, treat us like an animal. We are not a child or a toy. We like dirt, sticks, trees, grass, lots of exercise, training and socializing to fit into your world.

3. Allow your feelings or emotions help with making decisions. When it feels good, it is good. Then use your brain to analyze how.  We trust our instincts, trust yours.

5. We are simple thinking; do not over think our behavior, give us simple, clear guidance.

6. Taking care of yourselves, ultimately, doing so will help us too.  When you see us look at you with meaningful eyes, it is not always about us, at times, it is about you.  Look at your life and see if it is reflecting onto us.

7. Breathe fully, breathe in life, doing so helps calm oneself and see life more clearly.

8. Play, play, play.  Don’t take life so seriously.

9. Take time to smell other animals pee or poo.  (I will translate. Take time to smell the roses.)

10. What you “think” the New Year will be, is what it will be. Think wisely.

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