Who is Karen

April 1998, asleep in my bed, the phone rings.

An unfamiliar voice, an early morning call requesting an appointment for an animal communication.

My response, “You have the wrong number.“  Her reply, “Are you Karen Wrigley?” Response: “Yes.”

The voice proceeds to say; there is an article in USA Today about you.

”Psychic Help Pet Owners to Get a New Leash On Life”, the article included information that I had passed forward to a woman recently from her deceased dog. And there it was in print, my work.

Two weeks prior, I had looked up into the sky and prayed for help: “Help to find my passion, my calling.” The question, “Are you Karen Wrigley?” awakened me that early morning with my answer.

Gives a real meaning to “ask and ye shall receive.”

The media jumped on this interesting subject.

National Geographic, The Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, The Humane Society of the United States, radio talk shows, local television appearances, calls from around the world and my life’s work began in a moment of time.

In that moment, I had to learn to trust myself, the angelic voices, my instinct and of course the animals to help navigate my new life. And I surrendered.

My personal and professional life has evolved since that early morning call in 1998.

Every single moment, in every day, offers me new information, new lessons, new beliefs and most of all growth.   I will continue to grow, for myself and for my clients ― as long as my heart keeps beating.

And I Karen, have found my passion.