“I am trying to make a point here!”

A Golden Retriever named Brady began our communication stating, “We have been waiting for you!”  (The you – was me.)

He shares, “My person gets nervous, I feed off her nervousness and she feeds off mine. She gets “high” nervousness from her work which is not as important as she thinks.”  She agreed. Her nerves had taken over her life, especially at work.

Brady explained, “Stress is a way people have learned to use to cope. A high alert. Do the opposite – be still, calm, observe, then act when needed.”

Brady blurts, “I am trying to make a point here!”

In some communications I become aware of time frames in a person’s life that are significant to a message. In this case, the first time frame brought to my attention was that when Brady’s person was 4 years old when her great grandmother died. This is where her learned stress began; it was her earliest memory. At 21 years old she was in a difficult relationship and again at 34 years old when a good friend suddenly died in her presence. All stressful. Stress had become the norm as she lived and thought of the past, future, and present for big and small reasons.

The communication continued giving ways to help shift this stressful reflex and habit for both two and four footed. A few were: exercise, use essences like Rescue Remedy or other types that naturally calm the nerves. Live in the moment and always ask for support from the Universe, God, angles, what you believe in. Brady emphasized to enjoy life and to be true to whom?   YOU!

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